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How do I join?

How do I join Mountain State Grateful Dads?

Well, it’s pretty simple really. The only requierment for joining Mountain State Grateful Dads is, well, you must be a dad and you must want to participate in outdoor activities with your kids. If you meet those requierments then basicly all you have to do is show up where and when we are getting together. All the information will be posted on this site, so just come here, find out when and where our next hike is, and just be there.

Of course, it would help if you decided to register here at the site so that we can get to know you and more effectivly communicate, but it is not a requierment for participating in a hike.

What’s it gonna cost me?

Absolutely nothing!! Mountain State Grateful Dads hikes are totaly free. All you will have to spend is time with your kids and other cool dads and their kids.  There may come a time when in the winter where we may decide to do something like go bowling or some other indoor event, in that case you may have to pay a little money, but it won’t be going to Mountain State Grateful Dads.

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