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April 22, 2009

Welcome to the official home on the net for Mountain State Grateful Dads where you can find all the latest info about us.

Please take a few minutes to read about Grateful Dads and what we are all about. Go ahead, we’ll be here when you are done.


Good, your back.

Spring is in the air and it is time to start getting outside to enjoy all the natural beauty and wonder that we are fourtunate enough to be blessed with hear in West Virginia. Last year we got together a few times and had great time tromping through the forest with the kids while we threw rocks in the creek, fought off evil monsters, and explored the woods of both Coopers Rock State Forest and the West Virginia Botanic Garden. Our goal for 2009 is to get together one Sunday a month throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall for a few hours of outdoor fun with the kids and other like minded people.

Obviously this site is still in the infant stages, but I plan to let it grow as our group does. The main purpose of the site is to be a communication hub for those of us interested in Mountain State Grateful Dads hikes, and to provide information about us to those who want to learn more. We may also add links and info about other family friendly events around the area. If you have anything you want to add just let me know.

Our first gathering of 2009 will be in May. A date has not been set at this time, but it will most likely be a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

In the mean time, take a minute to register on the site so that you can be on the mailing list. Of course, registering is not required, but it will make communication much easier. Also, please spread the word to anyone else you may know that would be interested in joining. I would like to have as many people as possible join the site. It is not realistic to expect all members to participate in every hike, because we all have families and lives outside of the woods, but if we have a large membership, we should be able to get a decent turnout every month.

I truly look forward to meeting you all in the near future and making some wonderful memories for us and our children in theese West Virginia Hills!

Have a grateful day,